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We are pleased to announce the details for our November Field Trip. This year we are going to visit the offices of Ensoft Inc. / Lymon C. Reese & Associates. We’ll hear about the origins of the homegrown, Austin-based, worldwide engineering software company. Their position in this market has given them numerous opportunities to get involved in unique engineering challenges, full-scale testing, and real-time remote structural/foundation monitoring. Come meet the staff, hear about the company, and see their offices, their large variety of testing equipment, and onsite full-scale testing setup.

November 2018 Professional meeting

Topic: Ensoft Field Trip: From Academia to Practice - Ensoft, Inc./Lymon C. Reese & Associates

Speaker: Shin-Tower Wang, Ph.D., P.E., President of Ensoft, Inc./Lymon C. Reese & Associates

Date: Thursday, November 1st, 2018

Time: 4:00-5:30 PM with SEI Happy Hour to follow at the nearby Opal Divine’s Marina. Wait for traffic to die down while you enjoy drinks and snacks with your collegues.

Location: Ensoft World Headquarters, 3003 West Howard Lane

Registration: Their is no cost for this event, but seating is limited so please register below so we can get an accurate headcount, and make sure we don’t overload our hosts. If you have registered, but will no longer be able to attend, please let us know by contacting

Ensoft, Inc. was established in Austin, Texas in 1985 by Dr. Lymon C. Reese with the principal aim of developing and applying computer-based solutions to complex engineering problems and has since built a strong reputation as a leader in this area. Ensoft has applied advanced technology, much of it based on recent research, in the writing of software for the solution of complex problems that arise in geotechnical and structural engineering. Notable among Ensoft’s computer programs are those that address the analysis and design of foundations employing piles and drilled shafts.

Over 7,000 companies, government agencies, and universities among 97 countries at worldwide locations use Ensoft’s software. This success in the competitive software industry is based on the quality of Ensoft's engineers and computer programmers, all of whom work well together in the multi-disciplinary approach needed to write software for complex problems in geotechnical and structural engineering. Ensoft is committed to providing superior technical services for our users.

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Engineers in our company have advanced degrees in science or engineering allowing us to provide superior technical services for our users. Based on many years of practical experience of our staff in engineering fields, we also provide professional engineering consulting services through Lymon C. Reese and Associates, Inc. (LCR&A), a subsidiary of Ensoft, Inc., for U.S. and international customers.  LCR&A specializes in structural and geotechnical engineering with special reference to issues of soil-structure interaction. Areas of practice include design of bridges, port facilities, wind-turbine foundations, offshore structures, shallow/deep foundations, earth-retaining structures, internet-based foundation instrumentation, non-destructive testing of foundations, pile-driving monitoring and analysis and forensic investigation. The company also offers field loading tests, instrumentation, and remote monitoring of systems for deep foundations.

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