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President’s Message

ASCE President Kacey Paul, P.E.

ASCE President Kacey Paul, P.E.

It’s hard to believe that April is here already!  Your ASCE – Austin Branch has been busy this Spring and is working hard to continue promoting the profession of Civil Engineering and bringing the best content we can to our members! 

We hosted our annual continuing education workshop, Feats of Engineering, on April 5, where we heard about a number of monumental projects around our area and state.  “The City is literally changing under our feet” was one of the many inspiring quotes from the event said during the Waller Creek Tunnel Project Update presentation.  I would like to thank our committee (Jason Garza, Travis Isaacson, Roxanne Cook, Colton Fisher, Claudia Corsetti, and MD Hossain) and our sponsors for all their support in making this event happen.

There have been a number of social events, seminars, and volunteer opportunities recently and more coming.  If you are looking for information on what’s going on in our Branch and institutes, visit our calendar on our website more coming up.  Some of the big events we have coming up are:

ASCE Austin Branch has gone Social!  Please follow up on Facebook, Linked In and Instagram for event recaps, upcoming events, relevant news, and updates.

Spring is the best time to get involved.  We are starting to look for officers and committee members for the coming year.  If you’ve been wanting to contribute in any way to help make our branch the success that it is, please contact me (830-798-6265, or another officer or committee member.  Thank you for everything you do to support ASCE!

We hope to see you soon!