Civil Engineer - Federal


US Department of Commerce - EDA



Job Description

  • Provide construction management directions and expert technical advice in civil engineering.

  • Monitor recipients' compliance with all applicable policies, procedures, and requirements which are pre-requisite to solicitation of construction bids.

  • Monitor the financial position of assigned projects including field audit of recipients records to assure that proper accounts have been established, that matching funds are available, that only approved costs have been paid from project accounts and that fund balances are correct.

  • Perform on-site inspections of projects under construction to determine that the work is being done in accordance with the approved plans and specifications and that the quality of workmanship conforms to acceptable standards of the industry.

Job Requirements

Knowledge of engineering and economic development projects.


Starting $88,265

Contact Information

Patrick M. Lydic

Administrative Director
U.S. Department of Commerce
Economic Development Administration
903 San Jacinto, Suite 206
Austin, TX 78701
Office: 512-381-8145
Fax: 512-499-0478