Engineer B and Engineer C


City of Austin-Watershed Protection Department


Austin, Texas

Job Description

This position is a member of the Watershed Engineering Division (WED), Local Flood Risk Reduction (LRRR) Section. We are looking for dynamic individuals to join our team to advance our mission of protecting life, property, and the environment from the effects of localized flooding. This position will be directly involved with and closely associate with our modeling team that develops 1D and 2D models for the City of Austin's storm drain infrastructure. The work of the LFRR section also includes the management of consultants and staff to complete projects that will reduce local flood hazards for houses, commercial buildings and roadways due to inadequate storm drain systems. This position is responsible for performing feasibility studies to assess potential solutions to flooding issues, identifying and implementing small scale mitigation solutions, developing stormdrain models, providing technical assistance and conducting reviews of development applications, and assisting other engineering staff with the final design and construction phases of Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) and in-house projects. This position is also responsible for assisting with efforts to identify and prioritize potential projects and activities for the section.

Job Requirements

Graduation with a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with major coursework in Engineering or in a field related to the job, plus eight (8) years engineering experience acquired either before and/or after licensing as a professional engineer.



Contact Information

For additional requirements and information regarding this position and to apply, please visit the City of Austin website:

Reference: Requisition Number COA080351